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Louisa CurtisLouisa Curtis

Louisa J. Curtis

Every now and then, in the course of my business transactions, I come across someone that delivers well beyond the norm and provides what I consider to be extraordinary service.  Louisa J. Curtis, owner of Chatterbox Enterprises is one such person.  Last year I contracted Louisa's  consulting services after I found her on Eyeist, and her advice proved to be invaluably effective. 

Recently, I contacted her about an exhibit I was involved with in New Brunswick, and after reviewing my portfolio, she offered to write a blog post about me (and Urban Industrial Imaging) in her ChatterArtists page of her ChatterBlog.  Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised.  Now, when I find something worthwhile, I like to talk about it.  Louisa's consulting services are no exception, so this blog post serves to describe who is Louisa J. Curtis and ChatterBox Enterprises, and what services are offered - and yes, I will be working with Louisa again. 

Who is Louisa J. Curtis?

Louisa J. Curtis is a creative consultant based in New York City.  Coming to New York in 1982, after having grown up in her native England, Louisa worked in the commercial photography industry for many years, before forming her own company Chatterbox Enterprises in 2005. Aside from her consulting services, Louisa creates, produces and writes her very popular newsletter, the ChatterBulletin, in which she features all different types of photography, articles, interviews, client profiles, and much more. The newsletter is sent out not only to photographers, but also to industry creatives and service providers as well. All the bulletins are archived on her ChatterBlog. She has also written articles for PDN’s PhotoServe, Agency Access' Blog, The Lab and ASPP’s Magazine The Picture Professional.

Her business experience ranges from Archive magazine, to the Black Book, photo representatives Watson & Spierman Productions, PDN’s PhotoServe & IPNStock, as well as database services ADBASE & Agency Access. Besides her creative and marketing consulting, Louisa also works as an event coordinator and producer, panel moderator and seminar speaker. She has regularly presented programs for Adorama, APA, ASMP and Photo Plus Expo, as well as the Miami Ad School, Parsons New School in New York, UArts in Philadelphia, and the Seattle Central Community College.

What is ChatterBox Enterprises?

Louisa’s company ChatterBox Enterprises offers a variety of creative consulting services for photographers and artists – ranging from portfolio and image reviews, to website overhauls and image editing, to “customized” marketing packages designed to help refine your vision, target an appropriate audience as well as create and implement an Internet-driven business plan. She has reviewed portfolios for many, many years and always enjoys seeing new work. Louisa believes she can help any photographer, in pretty much any genre, at any stage of their career - help them make sense of their work, see where their strengths are, and where best to direct them.

In Her Own Words

Sometimes, it's best to let the person speak for themselves:

"I look, I listen and I talk for a living. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I help to make the wheel run more smoothly. My creative consulting and marketing services are designed to help photographers at all stages of their careers. Whether you have been in business for many years or are just starting out, I will help to steer you in the right direction. My services range from website and portfolio reviews, to major image overhauls and editing, marketing and promotions as well as creative brainstorming for new work and personal projects. I also offer individual services such as creating mailing lists, preparing estimates and negotiating fees. My consulting services can be purchased either by the hour or as a custom-tailored package. Fees will vary, so please call or email for rates and more information..."


Is Louisa J. Curtis and ChatterBox Enterprises consulting services worth exploring?  Absolutely!  As I mentioned earlier, her service has proven to be invaluable and I will continue to work with her to:

  • Streamline and edit my portfolio;

  • Design a dynamic online presence thru social media; 

  • Tailor my images to target clients in my chosen specialties;

  • Modify my website(s) to showcase my best work;

  • Build a profitable photography business.


I highly recommend Louisa J. Curtis and ChatterBox Enterprises. For more information, please contact Louisa at:

Louisa J. Curtis

ChatterBox Enterprises

P.O. Box 123 Village Station, New York, NY 10014

T: 646-221-0206 



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