John Kuzma(non-registered)
Worked at Anchor Glass last two years of production returning to township through twist of fate. Remember plant being built in mid-sixties. Photos brought back good memories.
Wayland McKinney(non-registered)
Enjoyed meeting you and Rosemary today in Chattanooga. Fabulous work.
Golda Speyer(non-registered)
Love all of your work and everything you do for the City of New Brunswick. You truly have a way of capturing the art of this fine city!
Dolly Rogers(non-registered)
Mr. Villafane,

It was a pleasure meeting you at the "Cool Beans Butterfly Garden" at Robert Wood Johnson Bristol-Meyer Children's Hospital.

I wish to thank you for sharing your website with me. Your work is exquisite.

The two hospitals that you photgraphed were very sad and dark places for me since the passing of my son. The illuminating lights transformed my perception.

I now see joy, laughter, smiles and hope through your photos.

I appreciate your kind remarks with regards to the garden. It was one of the greatest accomplishments I was able to achieve at the request of my son, Joey. It was imperative that he leave a legacy of earthly grace, a place of peace and safety during a time of pain and fearfor all the children who were, are and yet to come to these two hospitals.

Butterflies were special to Joey. He related to their fragility and short, yet amazing lives.

I wish you could see the garden in it's full glory come spring when it's inhabitants fly gracefully on the warm afternoon winds. I wish you could see the smiles and hear the "Oooo's and Ahhh's of the children and their families as the butterflies fly over their heads.

It brings my heart such joy to know that I, through my son's dream, have brought a multitude of smiles and delight to so many who enter this garden.

Thank you for sharing our story...
Dolly Rogers
Hey Frank, Great images! Love the bridges and night shots. You find a wonderful stillness and beauty in the urban scene.
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